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Overseer Andre Landers

Senior Pastor, Higher Living Christian Church

Overseer Andre Landers is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelors in Administration and Marketing at the State University of West Georgia in 1988. In 1994, Overseer Landers was licensed for ministry and ordained in 1996. On February 25, 2001  Higher Living Christian Church was birthed by Overseer André Landers.

The church began holding worship services in Overseer Landers' home with only 25 members and transitioned to the AMC 24 theater complex of Jonesboro, Georgia, after only one year in existence. In April of 2002, the congregation of Higher Living Christian Church moved into its Mt. Zion location and continued to grow, as God gave the increase. In May of 2004, God expanded the tent of Higher Living Christian Church and blessed the ministry to purchase 42.52 acres of land on Mt. Carmel Road in McDonough, Georgia. In less than one year, Higher Living's congregation cancelled their land debt. In February of 2008, the Higher Living Christian Church Mt. Carmel campus was completed and dedicated back to God.

The Mt. Carmel campus continues to serve as a beacon of light for the community and a haven to lost souls and disciples for the Kingdom. Through God's awesome power and favor, the membership of Higher Living Christian Church has grown to over 4,000 families and operating in both Henry and Clayton Counties in just eleven years. Under the visionary leadership of Overseer Landers, Higher Living has designed a Christian based foundation that provides spiritual growth and addresses the total family unit. Overseer Landers’ messages are designed to lift the entire family towards “Higher Living," in all aspects of their lives. The vision for HLCC is to bring the family unit back to the biblical order that God ordained, thus spiritually, morally and financially empowering families to be God sustained ministries that will perpetuate the gospel of the Kingdom from generation to generation. Through our mission, "To Know Christ and to Make Him Known," Higher Living has aided many men and women in clearly understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ and applying God's word to their daily lives.

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